Unveiling Earth's Secrets: Some Amazing Facts About Our Planet

Friends, do you know everything about the planet you live on? It is a matter of thought that if a person can travel around the solar system, then he must know everything about his own Earth, right? If not, friends, we do not know much about the planet we live on. Today in this video, we will cover such things that we are going to tell you today about the Earth, many of which you either do not know or know wrong, so after watching the video till the end, your mind will be blown away. So let's start with some unknown facts about Earth.

The Earth's atmosphere is constantly changing. The amount of oxygen in the atmosphere has been increasing for the past 2.5 billion years.

Soon Earth will have 32 hour in a day

Let us tell you that the days on Earth are constantly increasing. Do you know that about 620 million years ago, there were only 21.9 hours in a day? Gradually, the days are increasing continuously and it does not just happen in the air, there is a scientific reason behind it. Let us tell you that due to the ocean tides generated by the gravity of the Moon and the Sun, 1.7 milliseconds are added to the time of one day of the Earth every 100 years. And by doing this, after many years, there is a 24-hour day on Earth today. And it is not that only days are increasing on Earth, there are also some natural events that have also reduced the time of a day. 

For example, the earthquake that struck Japan in 2011 reduced the time of one day of the Earth by 1.8 microseconds. So what you think that time only moves forward | It is not necessary. We have also pushed time back. But just think, if there were 21 hours in a day, how much less work would be done at that time? And if the days are increasing every year, then how much more work will be done in the coming time? We are getting dizzy just thinking about it.

There was not a single country in Earth

Do you know that about 300 million years ago, there was no country on Earth and there was a single supercontinent that scientists have named (Pangea)? Meaning 300 million years ago, the whole world was just one world and was not divided into the names of many countries. In which everyone used to live together as a joint family. And then gradually the house was divided and the Earth was divided into small countries. 

And as you know, fighting is a common thing after the partition, so you will see wars everywhere. Just think if there were no countries in the world now, then instead of American, Chinese, Indian, there would be only humans, how different the world would be.

The Earth is not a perfect sphere. It is actually slightly flattened at the poles and bulges at the equator.

The Earth is not round

First of all, let us tell you that there are two types of people here. The first are those who think that the Earth is flat and the second are those who think that the Earth is round. But there is also a third type of people who think absolutely right and know right that the Earth is not round either. 

Yes, we studied in school that the Earth is round, but it is not. It is shaped like a prolate sphere, and this is because the Earth is very swollen near the equator and flat at the North Pole and South Pole. So it is neither flat nor round | In reality, it is a prolate sphere.

Earth is the only planet for life

Friends, you must be thinking what is the big deal in this, everyone knows that Earth is the only planet where life is possible. You should tell this to Elon Musk who sees life on Mars, even though we have found some evidence of water and organic molecules on Mars and the building blocks of life on Saturn's moon Titan, and scientists have also speculated about the possible existence of life beneath the icy crust of Jupiter's moon Europa and Saturn's moon Titan. 

But despite all this, Earth is the only place where life has actually been discovered, so we should respect this planet because till date, concrete evidence of real life has not been found in such a large solar system.

The Earth's oceans are home to a vast majority of the planet's life. In fact, about 97% of all life on Earth lives in the oceans

There is a 6th Ocean inside the Earth

Till today, you must have heard about only five oceans in the world, which include the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Arctic and Atlantic Ocean. But apart from these, there is another ocean which is so big that even if all these five oceans are combined, they will not be able to match it. But this ocean does not even have a name because it is still buried below the surface of the Earth and its location is exactly where you are standing right now, you will find this ocean just 300 miles away. 

The discovery of this vast ocean was made when lava and water started coming out of a rock in Brazil, and along with it some diamonds came out, which showed that they were diamonds made of hydroxy llon. And they can be found only inside the ocean. Scientists say that this ocean is about 3 billion years old and today, unlike today, it is not inhabited by ordinary animals but by different kinds of creatures.

Gravity is not same in Earth

So far, we all believed that gravity is the same everywhere, but you will be surprised to know that it is not at all like that. Hudson Bay in Canada is such a place where the gravity is different from the rest of the Earth. The gravitational force here is 0.05% less than the rest of the Earth, meaning that there is a place on Earth itself where you can feel like you are climbing the moon.

The Earth's magnetic field is constantly flipping. The last time it flipped was about 780,000 years ago.

The is Sun Expanding

You have heard about our increasing days, but do you know that our Sun is also constantly expanding? Scientists have claimed that the Sun is becoming increasingly hot and bright and this is not a common thing, but in the next billion years, it will become so hot and bright that it will cause all the oceans of the Earth to dry up. 

Gradually, the greenhouse effect will also end from the Earth and let me tell you here that while you start feeling hot even at 40 degrees Celsius, after many years from today, due to the rising Sun, the temperature of the Earth is expected to reach 400 degrees Celsius. And as soon as this happens, life on this planet will be destroyed and our Earth will be transformed into a hot sphere.

Only 1% Water of Earth, We Can Drink 

Friends, when astronauts went into space for the first time, they saw the Earth for the first time with their own eyes and called our home the Blue Planet. And it's no wonder that 70% of our planet is covered by oceans, the remaining 30% is solid land that is above sea level. But do you know that only 3% of the Earth's water is fresh, the rest 97% is salty water i.e. marine. 

Of that 3%, more than 2% is frozen in ice sheets and glaciers, and less than 1% is fresh water found in lakes and rivers. This means that out of the total water on Earth, only 1% water is available for us to drink, which quenches the thirst of more than 700 billion people. 

And it's just humans, apart from this, many animals are also sustained by this 1% water. Think how big a number it is, so friends, these were some exciting facts about Earth that we probably didn't know about, and if we did, it was wrong knowledge.