This is Greenland, the world's largest and most mysterious island, which is going to become the world's most important island in the coming time. Most people do not know about Greenland because, due to its unique location and weather, it has remained quite unknown in our entire history. It looks bigger than Mexico, but its population is only 56,000, and all this population lives on the western and southern coastal lines. Now, its normal region is that about 80% of Greenland is covered with ice.

Beyond the Ice: Greenland's Strategic Importance in a Melting World

Greenland's Geopolitical Significance: Emerging Powers, Rare Earth Minerals, and Arctic Control | S2 LTS

Geopolitical Significance of Greenland: Emerging Superpowers and Rare Earth Minerals

And that is why no one gives it much importance, but very soon everything is going to change. This snow-covered Ireland, which has been unknown for centuries, has now become a very important place for the big superpowers of the world. America is here in 2020. But China has reopened its Consulate, China is building an airport in Greenland, and NATO officials are visiting Greenland again and again. What is going to happen that has made Greenland so important?

Now you all will know that whoever controls the seas will rule the world, and this has been happening for the last 100 years. Whoever had control over the seas of the world also ruled the world, but not in this one of ours. There is one sea that no one has even tried to control, and that is the Arctic Ocean.

For centuries, this ocean has been covered with ice, due to which everyone was afraid to come here, but now a big change is taking place. Due to global warming, the ice in this ocean is melting very fast, and this melting of ice means something new. Control of trade routes, reserves of more fresh water, a new superpower, and Greenlan are the gateways to this sea.

Arctic Control and Trade Routes: Impact of Melting Ice on Global Dynamics

Greenland is inside the Arctic Circle, which means anyone who wants to go to the Arctic Ocean will have to cross Greenland, so whoever controls Greenland, the US will have control over the entire Arctic. In fact, America understood the importance of this island many years ago. Was
The reason for this is that when the Cold War was going on, America set up military bases here to keep an eye on the Soviet Union. 

Greenland's Geopolitical Significance: Emerging Powers, Rare Earth Minerals, and Arctic Control | S2 LTS

Big radars were installed here so that if the Soviet Union tried to attack America or Canada from the northern side, If they did, they could easily detect it, but after the end of the Cold War, there was no need for bases here, and American forces left all these bases and went back.

But now, due to global warming, as the ice is melting, the importance of Greenland is also going to increase. This importance is not only due to the Arctic Ocean being flooded, but due to the melting of ice here, three more things have also happened. Which is going to shake the Jiopolitics of our future.

First of all, let us understand the location of Greenland. Greenland is between Europe, America, Canada, and Russia. On one hand, Canada claims the entire North Western Passage; all these shipping routes pass through their area, and hence it has control over it. should happen

Russia's Arctic Strategy: Military Bases, Trade Routes, and Geopolitical Influence

Then comes Russia, which claims control over the entire region from the Arctic Ocean to the North Pole, and that is why it has built its military base on this entire region; in fact, a few years ago, Russia also planted its flag on this ocean. 

Greenland's Geopolitical Significance: Emerging Powers, Rare Earth Minerals, and Arctic Control | S2 LTS

After the melting of ice in Asal, a new trade road will be built, called the Northern Sea Route. After this route, the sea trade distance between East Asia, Europe, and North America will be greatly reduced.

Because at present, most of the trade between East Asia and Europe is through the Suez Canal, it will easily pass through this route because this route is much smaller than that, and because this route will be under the control of Russia, it will make a lot of money from this trade route. And that is why America is building icebreaker ships worth billions of dollars so that its navy can patrol the entire Arctic region and maintain its control over this region.

Then comes China, which is a completely non-artic country, meaning it has no border with the Arctic Ocean, but still, China is very active in this entire region, and one of its regions is this polar slick road with Russia. And the second region is this small city in Greenland, Narsaq. 

Greenland's Geopolitical Significance in the Arctic Region

This small city has 25% of the world's rare earth minerals. These are the same minerals due to which all our technology is running, from smartphones to MRI machines to electric cars. Military Jets

Hama's entire future depends on these rare earth minerals, and as the ice is melting, these resources of Greenland are starting to be discovered. Not only this, but a lot of oil, gas, uranium, and thorium have also been discovered in Greenland. In fact, according to scientists, Greenland probably has 30% of the world's undiscovered natural gas reserves, so you might be wondering what is there in green land.

For centuries, this ice had hidden treasures under it, which are now slowly revealing all these treasures. Although Greenland is under the control of Denmark, it also has its own local and independent government, and America and China are directly using this government for their own benefit. America is pressuring for this. It understands very well how much damage it will cause if China enters Greenland.

China's Influence in Greenland: Rare Earth Minerals and Strategic Partnerships

China already controls the production or supply of 70% to 80% of the world's rare earth minerals, and if it sets its foot on Greenland too, then no one will be able to stop it from becoming a world superpower. Greenland is left in terms of infrastructure. 

Greenland's Geopolitical Significance: Emerging Powers, Rare Earth Minerals, and Arctic Control | S2 LTS

It is a little behind the world due to mountains and snow; most of the travel is done through small airplanes, helicopters, small ships, and snow dogs. In 2017, Greenland's Prime Minister China visited China and requested funding to build an airport. So I was already looking for such an opportunity, so I immediately said yes, but this deal put me in America.

The American government immediately pressured Denmark to cancel this deal by putting pressure on Greenland, and the same happened: Greenland ended this agreement with China, and then, on behalf of China, Denmark started funding these airports, and obviously, Denmark itself was giving this money to

Similarly, China was already eyeing the rare earth minerals of Greenland, so it signed a deal with Greenland to mine zinc or lead, but after some time, the owner of these mines suddenly ended this deal with China, and then the owner of these mines received a check for 650 million dollars from America, which made it clear to everyone who was behind ending this deal.

Strategic Interests and Control of Greenland by World Superpowers

America is trying its best to ensure that China does not enter this island. Similarly, America has also recently started setting up its state-of-the art military bases in Greenland and has sent many of its military after making a deal with the Greenland government. 

Greenland's Geopolitical Significance: Emerging Powers, Rare Earth Minerals, and Arctic Control | S2 LTS

This is so that they can have an idea of the condition of the Arctic and train in these conditions. Similarly, America is now giving millions of dollars to Greenland to mine rare earth minerals. A few years ago, Donald Trump also offered to buy Greenland. And the biggest reason for this was the billions of dollars worth of rare earth minerals.

But then this whole thing got buried in the political transition. Well, now the interesting thing here is that the local community of Greenland was very happy with the Chinese investment. They have a very favorable opinion about China, and now China is making every effort to reach Greenland. Keep your access, and that is why, despite America's opposition, China is investing a lot in Greenland's fishing and tourism industries.

So all in all, the world's superpowers are actively trying to control Greenland. As time goes on, the geopolitical map of the world is changing, the focal points of the world are changing, and new opportunities and new powers are emerging. What will be the consequences of change on the world, only time will tell.