Your LPG Connection is an Insurance Powerhouse 

Did you know that your LPG connection comes with insurance? Or that the two hands you see when you switch on a Nokia phone are actually the hands of the designer? Here are more interesting facts that you might not have known:


The World's Oceans Contain Enough Gold for Everyone

There is so much gold in the world's oceans that if it were divided equally among everyone on Earth, each person would get about one kilogram of gold. However, extracting this gold is almost impossible because it is dissolved in tiny particles in the seawater.

Truth About Mosquito Bites

Ever wondered if that mosquito buzzing around bites or just says hi? Believe it or not, only female mosquitoes feed on blood, while the males sip on nectar.

An Ostrich Egg Is Equivalent to 15 Chicken Eggs

The ostrich is the largest bird in the world, and its eggs are also the largest. An ostrich egg is equivalent to 15 chicken eggs and is considered the largest egg in the world. It is also much stronger than a chicken egg and requires a drill to break it open.


Cats Have More Bones Than Humans

An adult human has 206 bones, but did you know that a cat has even more? A cat has 230 bones, including 20 to 21 bones in its flexible tail.

The Eiffel Tower Was Originally Meant to Be Temporary

The Eiffel Tower, which is now one of the most iconic landmarks in the world, was originally designed as a temporary exhibit for the 1889 World's Fair in Paris. However, it was so popular that it was decided to make it a permanent structure.

Apple's Hidden Bite

Apples contain a tiny amount of cyanide, a poisonous chemical, in their seeds. Don't worry, the amount is so small you'd need to eat a ton of seeds to feel any effects!


Endurance Makes the Champion

Forget cheetahs, humans are actually the best long-distance runners on Earth, with proper training of course!

Scotland Says No to Spanking

It's illegal to smack or spank children under 16 years old in Scotland. This applies to parents and teachers alike!

Iconic Nokia Hands

Remember the hands you see on old Nokia phones when you switch them on and off? Those belong to a woman named Martha Stewart and a small boy named Zackary Johnson.


Beware the Grapefruit Trap

Eating grapefruit after taking medication can be dangerous. The fruit's minerals can interact with certain medications and cause side effects.

Polar Bears and Lefty Love

Polar bears are the only known animal species that are entirely left-handed. They prefer to use their left paw for everything they do.

LPG Connection Comes With Insurance

Every LPG cylinder connection comes with insurance that covers you in case of any accidents. In the event of death due to a gas leak, the nominee can receive up to ₹6 lakhs in compensation. Medical expenses are covered up to ₹30 lakhs, and property damage is covered up to ₹2 lakhs. An immediate relief of ₹25,000 is also provided.


Fake Freckle Frenzy

In the 1880s, fake freckles were all the rage! People thought having freckles made them look more attractive, so they'd stick on little leather cutouts.

Move Over, My BFF is Here

Cows form friendships with each other too! Separating them can cause cows to become depressed, which can even affect their milk production.

Water Bottle Expiration Mystery

The expiration date on a water bottle isn't for the water itself, but for the plastic bottle. Over time, plastic can leach chemicals into the water, which is why there's an expiry date. By law, most products are required to have an expiration date listed, so you know exactly when it's best to use them.


Color Your Dreams

Since the invention of color TV, people have reported dreaming in color more often. Before that, most people described their dreams as black and white.

These fun facts will leave you surprised, thinking twice, and maybe even with a smile!

Bonus Fact: The average person spends about 25 years of their life asleep