Career Goals

Have you set any career goals for yourself? You should if you haven't.

A career without goals is like going on a trip without a map or GPS. You'll have no idea where you are, much less where you're going. You wouldn't know how to get there even if you knew where you were going. What's the end result? You go in circles and eventually find yourself back where you started. That's why so many people are stuck in their careers and have no idea how to get out.

What are your career goals?

A career goal is a statement that describes how you plan to progress in your career.


Every candidate should have a clear idea of their career planning. Strong career goals can make it easier to find employment.

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If you want to progress in your career, it's important to have a vision for your future. Setting career goals can help you go where you want to go, no matter what position you're in now. Without career goals, you may get complacent and lack motivation to advance in your work. Successful leaders do not arrive in their current positions by chance, but because they have a clear vision that they have set for themselves.