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CBSE Class 11th NCERT Books, Solutions, Previous Year Question Paper, Notes


The 11th Class is a crucial year in a person's education. On the one hand, the student has just passed out of the 10th grade after giving the first board examinations, so there is a certain high of that, and on the other hand, there is a looming threat of a board examination the very next year. The 11th grade is very important with context to your career as well, because this is the time where you decide the subjects or the stream which you would prefer for higher education. Students have a choice between the Science, Commerce, and Humanities streams.

The class also has a very important role in the molding of the career of the student because these are the topics for which they will be tested for their higher education. Thus, the topics in the 11th and 12th grade would be used for a further competitive examination to opt for a course for graduation.

The marks obtained in these classes are also very important because a lot of universities, be they national or international, consider the marks scored in these classes rather than having an entrance examination. Few people consider both the grades and the entrance examination. Thus, the studies and topics in 11th become very important for the student, and the approach to trying everything by themselves is very disastrous.

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Class 11 NCERT Books And Solutions 

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NCERT Class 11 Books

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