CBSE Class 12th, NCERT Book, Solution, Previous Year Question Paper, Notes

The Class 12 board exam is the next major test in the educational process after the Class 10 board exam. The level of complexity for Class 12 board exams is higher than it is for Class 10 board exams. The students' careers and future goals are determined by their CBSE Class 12 results. Students' confidence will increase if they perform well on the Class 12 Board exam.

The CBSE Class 12 Exams will soon be held. Students must have finished their term 1 syllabus and begun the revision by this point. To assist students in preparing for the CBSE Term 1 Board Exams, we have provided the CBSE Study Plan for Exam. Since it includes everything from practice multiple-choice questions, study notes, day-wise planners, and mock exams, they will find the study resource to be of great use. Referencing this painstakingly compiled revision planner will improve students' exam readiness. Each subject has a day-by-day study plan that we have developed. By clicking the link below, students can easily access it. They can also download the pdf versions of the study guides for each subject.


Class 12 NCERT Books And Its Solutions

CBSE Pattern & Examination Guide

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