Hey myth-busters! We tackled some surprising truths about food and history in Part 1. Now, buckle up as we dive into some wild myths from science, the animal kingdom, and everyday life. Get ready to have your mind blown by facts that are way cooler than fiction!


Myth Busters: Everyday Edition - Debunking Common Misconceptions

We've got tons more myths busted, so keep reading for interesting facts on everything from historical figures to the animal kingdom!

Napoleon: Not So Shorty

Forget the image of Napoleon as a tiny tyrant. He was actually slightly taller than the average Frenchman of his time! So next time you see a picture, remember, height isn't everything.


Santa's Secret Santa?

We all know Santa Claus, the jolly guy in red. But did you know Coca-Cola didn't invent his look? By the 1930s, Santa was already a pop culture icon thanks to books and illustrations. Coca-Cola just gave him a little more fizz.

Bats: They Aren't Blind (They See AND Hear)

We've all heard the saying "blind as a bat," but that's totally wrong! Bats can actually see, and they also use echolocation, which is like super-powered hearing, to navigate the night like champs.


Salem Witch Myth

We've all heard about the Salem witch trials, but did you know none of the accused witches were actually burned at the stake? That's right, history is dark enough without adding fire. Sadly, about 15 died in prison, 19 were hanged, and one was pressed to death.

War of the Worlds: Widespread Woe…Maybe Not

Remember the radio broadcast about aliens invading Earth that supposedly caused mass panic? Hold on – turns out, only a small number of people were even listening! The real panic was caused by newspapers looking for a juicy story.


Einstein's Early Exam Woes

Ever hear that Einstein flunked math? Well, there's a tiny truth behind that myth. He did fail an entrance exam, but that's because he was two years younger than everyone else! Clearly, a brilliant mind regardless.

Great Wall: Not Quite Great From Space

Contrary to popular belief, the Great Wall of China isn't visible from space without some serious zooming in. It's not quite as wide as some might think!


Medieval Misconception

Ever seen those chastity belts in movies? Turns out, they weren't actually used to stop women from having sex. Believe it or not, they were meant to prevent...masturbation! Yikes. Thankfully, that whole idea is long gone.

Bulls Don't See Red (Just Movement)

Ever wondered why bullfighters use red capes? It's not because bulls hate the color red! They actually react to the movement of the cloth, not the color itself. The red is likely chosen for better visibility in the arena.


Dogs: Sweating Through Their Paws

Next time your pup is panting like crazy, don't worry, it's not just because they're happy. While they do pant to regulate their temperature, they also sweat through their footpads!


Myth Busters: Science Smackdown

Stay tuned for more myth-busting fun in future posts!