Have you ever heard of a city swallowed by the ocean? Well, Dwarka, the legendary city of Lord Krishna, might be just such a place. Dive in with us as we explore the fascinating mystery of this underwater metropolis!


Legend Meets Science - Demystifying the Sunken City of Dwarka


A City Emerges from the Deep

Imagine this: Divers venture into the Arabian Sea, expecting to be found on a regular basis. But what they see is breathtaking—a vast city filled with walls, roads, and even statues, all hidden beneath the waves. This incredible discovery in 1983 sent waves of wonder around the world. Could this be the mythical Dwaraka, the great capital of Lord Krishna that has been lost for centuries?


The Mahabharata Connection

According to the Hindu scripture Bhagavad Purana, Krishna decided to defeat the evil Kansa and create a new kingdom. With the blessings of the sea god, a magnificent city emerged from the waves: Dwarka. This meticulously planned metropolis was a marvel of its time, with grand palaces, gardens, and the central palace of Krishna himself.


The Fall of Dwarka

But like all things, Dwarka was not immune to bad luck. Cursed by Gandhari, the mother of the Kauravas, Krishna’s own race, the Yadavas, was destined for extinction. The seemingly harmless praise of Krishna’s son led to a bloody internal war, and the entire Yadava dynasty was wiped out.

Excavating the Truth

For centuries, Dwarka remained a legend, a story whispered between generations. In 1983, however, the search was revived by underwater discoveries. Archeology unearthed a treasure trove of artifacts—statues, pillars, even irrigation tubs—all pointing to a glorious past.


Krishna's Demise and the City's Disappearance

Without his family, Krishna himself had a different end. Mistaking him for a deer, he was shot by a hunter’s arrow. When Krishna’s faithful friend Arjuna reached the spot, he saw a vision that left him speechless: Dwarka was engulfed in flames, literally submerged at the bottom of the ocean that gave birth to it.

Science Confirms The Legend.

Carbon dating of the recovered rocks gave them an age similar to the Mahabharata war, suggesting a possible connection besides the shape of the sunken city, which matches the descriptions in the Bhagavad Purana, and making the theory more plausible.


The Mystery Goes Deeper.

While the evidence is strong, some questions remain unanswered. What caused the door to sink is still debated. Some theories suggest a gradual rise in sea levels, while others point to the sudden destruction described in the Mahabharata.